Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some Work from Izzy

An initial Mary Blair Direction

Some of my design work from IZZY.  I'm hoping to have the rest up soon (like in a week or so, I hope) The basis of the story is a rhino obsessed girl doing all she can to free a captive rhinoceros.  It gets better...there's all kinds of wacky things like African bunny herds, mustache infested zookeepers, and giant hamster wheels (made for a rhino)!  A lot of this work is just playing around with some ideas and directions we started with (thus the variety of styles and approaches), while some designs are final and appear so in the film.  Also, check out the other designs and killer style of my friend Anthony Holden.  Anthony has come up with some spectacular ideas and hilarious animation tests for the film (definitely worth checking out!!)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dreamgiver Update

Dreamgiver is looking beautiful!!!!  There's a ton of work that's been done in the last few months.  There are some amazing people working on the project, check out their work: Jaetaek Hwang (Modeling/texturing), Levi Harrison (Modeling/rigging),  Cory Reimschussel (FX),  McKay Farley (FX), Dan Lyman (FX), Chris Rydalch (Cloth Simulation), Nick Beckstead (Character Animation), Alan Bradshaw (Lighting), Stacey Bethers (Lighting).

This is some of the conceptual work I've been working on.  Characters, value story boards, environment designs and early concept.  I will try to finish up and post some other work soon.