Monday, April 12, 2010

Reviron Update

Been pretty busy lately. Here is some of the other work from my personal project, El Reviron. I've still got quite a bit of work to do on the island but it is what it is for now. One of my goals in this project was to approach it like I was the production designer for the film-designing/choosing locations for scenes, set dressing, creating a film ideology for design decisions (from one world to the other), progressing the story visually with the narrative, color symbolism and key paintings, environment design and layout, basically harmonizing the look with the story and letting only the story drive my design decisions. Through this process I've learned more than I imagined. It's humbling to think of all the thought that goes into a feature length film. I admire the artists holding our beloved films together: Bill Perkins (Aladdin), Paul Felix (Bolt), Ralph Eggleston (Toy Story, Incredibles, WALLE, UP), Harley Jessup (Monsters Inc., Ratatouille), Thomas Cardone (Emperor's New Groove, Ice Age 2, Horton), you guys are amazing! Like many things, if done right, the art direction will only enhance the story but never distract.