Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DreamGiver Premiere

It's finally time to premiere my film DreamGiver! For the past while I've been directing and producing a short animated film with my fantastic team here at Brigham Young University. It is finally time to show! If you are in Utah....or like a good road trip, come on down. Questions? please email me at The film will not be online for about a year as it runs through the festivals. Here is more details about the premiere:

This is the premiere of the newest BYU Animated film: DreamGiver, directed by Tyler Carter.

Special Guest:
-My mentor and friend, Bill Perkins will share his experience from films such as Tangled, Bolt, and Aladdin after the screening. It is sure to be a treat and a one of a kind event.

Other Events in the program:
-From Dream to Reality (a behind the scenes documentary on the making of DreamGiver)

Admission is free but seating is limited to the Dejong Concert Hall's occupancy. It is suggested you arrive no later than 30 minutes in advance.

See you March 2nd!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

DreamGiver Post 5: Backgrounds and their purpose in life:)

One of the biggest challenges when painting these backgrounds was creating the right mood at the right time. It really made me think about each and every decision.

In this piece above, I needed to quickly establish a new world. I had 3 seconds to do it before we moved to the next beat. It needed to be different from the previous colder environments and more exciting, happy and kinda "dreamy".....I had to say it:). After a few studies, I was still having a hard time getting the right feelings. I began thinking about how I could better utilize the shade from overhead trees. How could those shapes and colors feel inviting and fresh? What should the audience see and feel? How do the colors harmonize to achieve that feeling? As simple as the painting is, it was a challenge. I learned a lot from it.

Here was another piece that really had me thinking. The story called for some specific ques to lead the audience on before our star character realized where he was. To do this, I decided to tell a mini story within the painting. I loved the idea of an Aztec like warrior so I researched archeological finds from Mexico and South America. It wasn't long before I had some cool ideas for a warrior's costume. I had to simplify those ideas a bit because I got a little carried away. I do that sometimes....Ok let's be honest, I do it a lot! The whole mini story within the painting was to warn the audience that something was out there.....something that was big, powerful and lurking.
When I first watched section in the film, it felt ok but the axe was distracting me from where I'd intended the viewer to be looking...add some paralaxing and suddenly it was a big issue. The axe had to go. I decided to add some other props to direct the eye strengthen the center of interest. I added the temple into the backdrop to make our next transition less abrupt. Then I corrected some anatomical issues on the skeleton's ribs. This was also a big step for me. Lot's to learn but I'm enjoying the ride...or is it more of a triathlon?