Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lunchtime Paintings

We've been painting at lunch the past few weeks at work.  Here are a few studies I did.

I've also got some new personal work on its way!  You can faintly see some of my sketches in this bottom photo.  


Aaron Ludwig said...

Gorgeous paintings.

Love the new blog header, too!

Raphael said...

Really nice Ty,

Caerphilly said...

These are really beautiful. And good practice!

.ncolemndoza said...

wow :) these are really nice

Josh H. Black said...

Beautiful work Ty!

Brant Moon said...

Nice! Really like the second one, with the thick tree.

Anthony Holden said...

These studies are lovely, Tyler!

Ty Carter said...

Thank you!!

Chingyi said...

I really like these, they are looking great! Even just for studies, the colors and shapes are nicely done.

estevaolucas said...

Awesome, do you do plein air every day, can you tell me how is your setup for this?

aiza said...

The paintings are very nice..

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