Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Need Your Help!

I've been asked to give a workshop at the CTN Animation Expo this November!  I've titled it, 
"Become a Professional Student: Transitioning from School to Studio"

Over the past few months, I've thought deeply about the topic.  So far, I've filled 21 pages with thoughts, ideas, and tips but I've got to narrow it down.  I want this workshop to really help those attending, which is why I need your help!  I'm trying to get a feel for what artists are most interested in.  Read the blurb below and tell me what you'd like to hear if you were or are attending.  Take a moment and leave a comment.  I really appreciate your help!   

"Become a Professional Student: Transitioning from School to Studio"

Your portfolio is sitting in the center of 12,000 other applicants, how do you set yourself apart?  How do you get to the final review?  How do you get the art directors attention and keep it?  Breaking into the industry can be a daunting task but its not impossible, in fact, there are things you can be doing right now to greatly improve your chances of getting in the door.  Join Tyler Carter, Blue Sky Visual Development Artist, as he highlights insights, experiences, and tips about landing your dream job.  In this revealing workshop, he explains what sets students and professionals apart.  Tyler will highlight how you can be a professional student just by focusing on a few important things before you land ”the big job”.  He will also go through a number of concepts such as improving portfolio, internship secrets, networking, persistence, and talent development.  If you are looking to take your portfolio to the next level, this art intensive workshop is for you. 

Thanks again for your help guys! 

If you're attending CTN, you can sign up for the workshop here:  http://www.ctnanimationexpo.com/amazing-sessions/


Karina McBeth said...

Some things I'm interested in are how much and what content should be included in a portfolio, and how to go about applying to get into a studio.

Scott Wiser said...

This sounds AWESOME Ty! I think it would be great to discuss methods for how to get your work to the level necessary to stand out. I'm actually going to be managing the live portfolio reviews again, so I may not be able to attend this workshop - but I'll be sure to run into you at CTNX. Good luck preparing this and feel free to run anything else by us.

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Karina! Thats a great topic and an extremely important one. Thanks for sharing that. Ill def get it into the workshop

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Scott! We Definitely have to catch up!

Christina Skyles said...

I'd really like to know how to network with a fairly-to-very famous person without coming off awkward, fanboy-esque, or full-of-myself. This seems to be the one thing they really don't teach you in school. :P

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Christina! Thats agreat one thats def tricky. Ive seen some pretty funny, awkward moments that make great stories lol!!

Caitlyn Dailey's ArtBlog said...

It's always terrifying for any artist to put themselves out there, especially in this remarkable industry. Is there a way you can delve into some secrets on the right to "get in" and what will be most helpful in doing that? My biggest worry is not having enough of the right stuff in my portfolio as I create all new designs. Thanks and look forward to seeing this workshop!

Ethan Dean said...

Great topic. Maybe you could talk about what kind of talent studios like to see. A specialist or someone that's more of a generalist? Ambitious individuals with high aspirations or hard workers who can do the raw thinking?

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Caitlin, you're very right. I think thats got to be very common among all applicants. Knowing what and how is key.

Ty Carter said...

Great thoughts here Ethan. You bring up a really strong point comparing work ethic, talent, and drive. I like that! Thanks for sharing

Ty Carter said...
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JLooney said...

I'd really like you to talk about getting internships at a feature animation studio. How to get your foot in the door and network. You are like the perfect artist to speak on this subject! (Disney, Pixar and Blue Sky all while still in school!) It would also be cool to hear how these affected your view of things. Looking forward to seeing you!

Ty Carter said...

Thanks JLooney, I'll definitely be going into internships and their affect on perspective and I think a separate section just on "getting your foot in the door" would be fantastic!

Tegan Clancy said...

I just booked my ticket to CTN yesterday! So excited to go again! Personally I would love to know how to make your break-in if you have been out of College longer than 3years and can not apply for an internship, but keep hearing this is the next step! Also specialisation and style are terms thrown around a lot when talking about visual development portfolios, your thoughts. Thanks Ty, will hopefully meet up in November

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Tegan! You bring up a great point. Getting in through internships and getting direct job hires are so different. Ill dig up some information on that from our blue sky requiters as well. Great question!

Meredith Moulton said...

how to stand out in this sea of portfolios that are just as good as yours. Also, how to not sound overly braggy in interviews. I don't know if you are supposed to sound braggy in interviews, but it makes me feel weird.

Ty Carter said...

Interviews! I almost forgot about these:) Great questions Meredith. Interviews can be your only chance to win them over. Thanks for mentioning this

Kevin Yang said...

Hey Ty, thats great to hear your giving a workshop at ctn. Im planning to attend, so its exciting to hear your giving the talk.

Im in my final year of school (san jose state! I know there's some great talent at blue sky there.Bob, Jake and Aidan) So going to this workshop would be helpful.

I too would like to hear more about interview and preparing for it. I had an interview for an internship a while back and i didn't do to well in it. Any help would be nice.

thanks Ty!

Roberta W. Tam said...

Hey Ty!
I'm so excited that you're going to CTN! I hope to see you there.

There are a lot of things that students are told to do while in school, but aren't told how to go about doing it (such as networking or getting an internship). I'd love to hear your story and experiences, and how it got you to where you are now. What things were you told, and were they helpful?

Tyson Murphy said...

there's one theme that keeps coming back to me, and that is:

there are two types of students:
1. Students who want to graduate and work at a certain studio, and
2. Students who want to be amazing artists, regardless of where they work.

Ironically, student #2 will ALWAYS end up at a dream studio, and student #1 very rarely will.

love u ur cute xoxo

Ty Carter said...

Hey Kevin! San Jose State sounds like a great school! I've heard a lot of good things from Bob, Jake and Aidan. I know what you mean about having a weird interview. I've had some of those myself. My dad is a human resource director so I've been tapping into his wisdom for perfecting the interview. I'm compiling some great stuff to bring to the talk so I hope it can help! Thanks for your comment!

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Roberta! You are sooooo right! As a student you are expected to just DO these things but it often feels like you're lost with a half destroyed map LOL thats how i felt at times. I've got some great quotes from conversations with artists at Disney, Pixar and Blue Sky. I'm organizing this section as we speak so Ill be sure to hone in on this in particular. Thanks for your thoughts and comment.

Ty Carter said...

Tyson, we need to move to nearer coasts!

Yeah, I hear you. Thats a profound point. It seems like that has been the case with so many artists.

Say hi to your family! and send me your dad's autograph please:):):):):)

Jason Norton said...

You should talk about being bold and asking for portfolio critiques from as many professional artists as possible. Then acting on those critiques. The expo. is a perfect time to get quality feedback from some of the best artist in the world.
Great topic btw! Love the wizard painting as well!

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Jason! Absolutely! Ctn has to be the best time ever for critiques

Brant Moon said...

Sounds great! Wish I could be there.

Andrea Femerstrand said...

Sounds great! Unfortunately the seats were already sold out when I checked, but I'll definitely come by and say hi this year as well :)

Hope things are well with you, take care and see you at CTN!

//Andrea :)

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