Wednesday, November 14, 2012

CTN Expo 2012

CTN Expo 2012 is almost here!  I'll be on Table T-10, just right of the main entrance.  Come by and say hello!!!  I'll have a bunch of new prints, holiday cards, DreamGiver DVDs, and more!  I'll be sitting next to my ├╝ber talented friend John Nevarez.

If you are signed up for my workshop Saturday please laugh at my jokes...even if they aren't funny.  Thanks:)


Karina McBeth said...

Definitely going to stop by :) Can't wait for the workshop too!

Kari said...

Hey Ty! It was great talking to you yesterday. Thanks so much for the portfolio feedback! :)

I hope the rest of the convention went well!

Wendell Dalit said...

Hey Ty!, it was great to meet you at CTN. I'm definitely going to be more active, and less re-active haha. I wanted to thank you for the feedback on my portfolio. I learned so much, and had an amazing time.

Ty Carter said...

@Karina-It was soo good to meet you. Thanks for coming to the workshop. I hope it was helpful:)

@Kari-You are very welcome!! The convention is always so much fun. I think the best part is catching up with friends:) It was great to see you again!

@Wendell-You're welcome!! It was nice to meet you too. Im glad it was helpful. Keep me posted as you move forward

Eliza Donikyan said...

Hi Ty! It was very nice talking to you at CTN. Thank you so much for all your words of wisdom, I greatly appreciate it!

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