Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ty Carter Art Holiday 2012 Giveaway!

Over 21 PRIZES will be awarded from December 1st-15th!  Enter today!

(1)  Half AnimSchool Tuition for the Course of your Choice* ($900 value)
(1)  My original "Gunshot" cowboy sketch
(5)  Limited Edition Signed 11x17 Print 
(10)  Limited Edition Signed 8x10 Print
(5)  Limited Edition Holiday Cards (pack of 10, includes envelopes)

How To Enter and Win
1. Mention, Sign Up and/or follow- There are FIVE ways to enter. Each counts as ONE entry (maximum of FIVE entries per person)
A. If you have a blog, mention this contest with a link to this post. Counts for ONE entry.
B. If you have twitter, follow @TyCarterArt and mention/retweet this contest.  Counts for ONE entry.
C. If you have Facebook, become a fan of TyCarterArt's Page and mention this contest with a link on your own wall. Counts for ONE entry.
D. Share a TyCarterArt Viral Video via Facebook, Twitter, or a blog. Videos are found below on this post.  Counts for ONE entry.
E. Leave a comment on this post. State your discipline/occupation and favorite color! Counts for ONE entry.

2. Email- Once you've finished A, B, C, D and/or E, send an email to  In your email, include your name and proof of completing A, B, C, D, and/or E. (links, screengrabs, etc)

3. Check TyCarterART's Facebook Page- Each morning from December 1st-15th, will be updated with the new winners. Winners will also be contacted via email.

*AnimSchool course offered is one 11-week term to be redeemed during any of the next four academic terms. Giveaway winner/applicant must qualify for their chosen course by showing requisite ability. Otherwise, applicant will be recommended an alternative AnimSchool course. Qualification is at the sole discretion of AnimSchool.


Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

Isaac, professional art nerd, favorite color.... RGB #569cea :)

David Maguire said...

Hey Ty! Huge fan of your work, really excited at the prospect of, well, any of those prizes! I'm a student at Drexel University studying Animation, and my favorite color is green!

Aaron Ludwig said...

Aaron Ludwig! Aspiring animator! OOOORRRRAAANGE!!!

Christina Skyles said...


Lane G. said...

Hey, saw you at CTN and was really impressed by your work!
Lane Garrison, Freelance VisDev Artist, and a huge fan of purple. Such a majestic color!


Allen Ostergar said...

Allen Ostergar. Student of Animation!!! I also love dark purple :)

Angela Entzminger said...

Hey Ty! Great meeting you at CTN. And cool contest. Angela Entzminger - storyboard student at Academy of Art University. Favorite color is RED :)

jonathangranskg said...

Student, preferably sitting at the computer doing silly stuff, probably blue :)

[Meehea] said...

This is awesome!:)
Meehea Kim, student of animation, and my favorite color is dark gray.

Karly Jade said...

Karly Jade Catto, Illustration. My favorite color is mint green :)

Ty, you are so awesome for doing this! Thank you!!!

Benjamin Harmon said...

Ben Harmon, BYU Animation major (sophomore, Dark Blue Dark Blue have you ever....da da da clouded room

This is seriously pretty awesome

Molly Bolder said...

I'm Molly Bolder, currently a student in CG Arts & Animation and my favourite colour is yellow :D

Also, I've only just discovered your work and I love it! Can't wait to see more! :)

Kendall Hale said...

Kendall Hale - Illustration; Light blue!

Kaye Tan said...

I'm Kaye Tan. I'm just about to graduate from college. I'm taking up Multimedia Arts. My favorite color is apple green.

Kori said...

Kori Haring Mom/Wife/Homemaker GREY

Sarah B said...

Oh good there is one other homemaker on here. :) I also write YA and love your style. Fav color is red. I could live inside that color forever.

Amanda H. said...

Amanda Hamilton.
Student, I guess.
Favorite color is purple

Alyssa Scott said...

Alyssa Scott, Illustration. I love me some Burnt Sienna!
I love your work! Cool stuff.

Keisha O. said...

Keisha Okafor, art and design student, my favorite color is blue.

Scott Wiser said...

Scott Wiser - Character Animator & Visual Storyteller - my favorite color changes all the time.

Jerry Tzeng said...

Keep up the good work Ty! my fav. color would be R:66 G:206 B:227 haha

Redbeard of the Shire said...

Awesome Stuff!
Matt Thorup, 3D Character Artist, and as always, pink.

Garrett Hoyos said...

BYU Animation in Utah.

CG Texturing and Shading.

Grass green rocks.

Ty Carter is one of the most inspiring people I've ever known. :)

Meredith said...

Meredith Moulton- Animation almost-graduate and hopeful professional in the next few months (eeek!) and GREEN

Paige said...

What a fun idea Ty! Paige Stringham - Animation Student at BYU. Purple!

Elissa P said...

CG animator for Games RED!!!

Shanan Sussman said...

Animator and my favorite color would have to be yellow

Robert Biniewicz said...

Animation Student! I love Green!

Neisje said...

I'm an animation student at the Art Institute of Portland.
My favorite color is currently Red.

Kevin Vlk said...

Occupation: Event planner soon to be animator...looking for gigs still :)

Favorite color: Blue!

Alaina Hower said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alaina Hower said...

Alaina Hower! Texture painting/shading! Green!

Claire Gordon said...

Claire Gordon, my greatest dream is to animate for movies and my favorite color is DARK GREEEEN!

Tegan Clancy said...

Occupation: Illustrator Graphic designer dreaming of being a visual development artist, favourite colour is blue!

Jay said...

Jay Fontano- animator/illustrator- big fan of orange. 'Twas a pleasure meeting you at CTN sir.

Karina McBeth said...

Karina McBeth- I am a animation student with dreams of becoming a storyboard artist. My fave color is yellow :)

Andrew Rasmussen said...

Andrew Rasmussen, Texturing and Surfacing. Aqua is my favorite color ever since I was a lad! Great work and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dan Patterson, Army EOD Tech. I love the color blue.

Jose Muñoz said...

Awesome giveaways! Aspiring animator but choosing my favorite color is like choosing a favorite child isn't it? :)

J S said...

Thanks for doing this Ty, love your art work! J. Swiergot - currently unemployed but forever an art student, favorite color yellow! :)

joree dolin said...

Joreé Dolin, an aspiring animator and Animation Mentor Class 1 student, and my favorite color is green! Love your work and great meeting you at CTN :)

Misterate said...

Kyle Bernard, Freelance Character animator and my favorite color is blue!

It was awesome to meet you at CTN and I really enjoyed your workshop!

ELIOLI said...

Aspiring visual development students! Color: White! :D

ELIOLI said...

Oops! Olivia and Elena Ceballos!, forgot that part! haha.

Logan Pearsall said...

VizDev Artist and Student

Michelle Grenz said...

Hey Ty! Michelle Grenz here, we met at CTNX at your workshop. :) I'm currently a undergrad senior trying to decide whether or not I should go to grad school or make the leap into the professional world as either a visual development artist or a storyboard artist. My favorite color varies from day to day, but is most likely to be a blue-green, rusty orange, or a soft red. :)

PJ Singh said...

PJ Singh, aspiring animator, color:Blue

Alyssa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alyssa said...

Hey Ty! You were so inspiring to talk to at CTN, and I think you're awesome for doing this, so thanks!

Alyssa Petersen! Aspiring VisDev artist/Student! Blue!

Laura Buller said...

Hi, I'm a concept artist and storyboarder! My favorite color is bright orange (at the moment).

I've always loved Blue Sky- maybe one day I'll get the opportunity to work with you!

Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Jake Harvey said...

Jake Harvey, Student of the Animation Type. And my favourite colour is purple!

chotio said...

Animator learning by myself

Ibby K said...

This is a Khool competition, never seen this of giveaway. Occupation : Nurse/Character Designer, Fave Colour : Mint Green!

Aleksandar Zolotic said...

Hi Ty!

Aleksandar Zolotic, illustrator, mostly for children books!
Favorite, something like Cyan green!

Nice to know about you!

Alejandro Jiménez said...

Good initiative! My name is Alejandro Jimenez am animator and Illustrator and my favorite color is yellow. Thank you!

Natalia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Natalia said...

Natalia Marcos; Animation student.
My favourite color is blue :)

Dan Seddon said...

Dan Seddon. Designer. Blue

kimallyn said...

Kimberlee Allyn, Animator, and my favorite color right now is chocolate brown! :)

Lauren Patterson said...

Lauren Patterson, Professional freelance illustrator and designer, and my favorite color is hot pink!

Michelle Ikemoto said...

Michelle Ikemoto, Animator from San Jose State University, and I'm a big fan of blue :)

James Bourne said...

Discipline/occupation: Storyboard artist

Favorite Color:, YELLOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW.......

Chase Shields said...

AHHH! :) its here finally. I'm an animator and my favorite color is BLUE!

Everyone have a good one!

See ya Ty!

Matt Sackley said...

Awesome giveaway, and great idea!

Matt Sackley, Animation Student and Part-Time Web Designer from Chicago IL. I love all types of BLUE!

Kevin Yang said...

Kevin Yang! Hope everything is going well in the east. Im student at San Jose State going into the viz dev field. My fav color is teal.

Blythe Russo said...

Tyler, this is so fun!

I'm Blythe, an illustrator, and my favorite color (at the moment) is Turquoise :)

Cheryl Johnson said...

Cheryl Johnson, freelance illustrator and graphic designer, and GREEN! Any and all greens.

Kat Seale said...

Ty you are some sorta animators Santa Claus right now!

Discipline: computer animation/character design! Occupation: Student! Favourite color: teal blue/green :3

Matthew Robert Davies said...

Hey Ty! Thanks for running the competition :)
Name's Matthew Robert Davies, just graduated doing 2D traditional animation and my favourite colour is purple.

I also like walks on the beach and hitchcock movies :D

Thanks again!

Nick Swift said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nick Swift said...

Nick Swift
Discipline/occupation- aspiring animator and visual development artist
and my favorite color is sea-foam green

Dicle said...

Dicle Cerimli
3D Artist
My favorite colour is blue!

Anonymous said...

Heidi Marso
Animation student
Favorite color is red

damian said...

A student studying art! I also work in a registrars office!

My favorite color is maroon and also teal.


Jonathan R Apilado said...

Hi there Ty,

I'm an animation/illustration student at SJSU and part of the Shrunkenhead Man club. My favorite color is green. :)

Erica Miles said...

Hey Ty! It was great meeting you at CTN! I'm an animator/illustrator and I'm rather fond of purple.

Mark Eberhardt said...

Mark Eberhardt, illustrator, #554422 & #445588

Cat said...

Cat Bowser, Animation Student, I really rather like Pink.

Jessica Reilly said...

Animation/Illustration student at SJSU! Emerald green. =)

Amit Kumar said...

Animation Illustration Student at SJSU!!!! my favorite color is Red.

Darlene Mapanao said...

Hi Ty! I'm Darlene Mapanao~ :D Your work was so awesome up close at CTN! I'm an animation/illustration student at SJSU and I love orange c:

Kayla Rimes said...

Hey Ty!

I'm an animation/illustration student at San Jose State University wanting to do vis dev. And my favorite color is BLUE! :D

David de Rooij said...

Hi! I'm David, freelance animator/illustrator/caricaturist/comic artist/story artist!

I guess I don't have one favorite color, but many favorite colorduo's! But if that will get me disqualified, I will say my favorite is: brownish-grey.

joscha said...

What a great idea! Judging by the number of comments it isn't working too bad for you either...

I'm Joscha van Deijk Amsterdam based storyboard artist, also into sketching, illustration and comics.

Fav color is blue.

Ditte Wad Andersen said...

Hey Ty! Currently I'm working at the local hospital to save up some money for a bachelor at the The Animation Workshop (in Denmark). It's my dream one day to become a recognized concept artist and illustrator. My favourite colour is probably sage or teal, can't choose!

Adam McAllister said...

Hey Ty,
My names Adam McAllister, I'm a 3d animator/rigger in Ireland and my favourite color is a shade of sea foam green (#b4e2e0 to be specific).


Diego DAndrea said...

Hi, I'm a Freelance Artist and my favorite colour is any of the 50 shades of green! hahah

Justin Graham said...

Ello, I'm a artist / student in 3D modeling for animation and games. My favorite color is the rich dark bluish green of Aquamarine.


Anonymous said...

David Loveland- Eat, sleep, breathe animation and art/illustration. loves anything nintendo. Married and incredible woman that shares my faith with god. Favorite color green.

Katya Zoe said...

Katya Bowser- Story Artist, Character Designer and Illustrator (currently Freelancing) and my favorite color is BLUE :D

jcbenne said...

Joel Bennett, 3D animator, Student and my favourite colour is Red.

Kristin said...

Kristin Carella, storyboard artist and illustrator, and my favorite color is pink.

JustinSlick said...

Don't know if it's too late, but. Justin Slick, 3D modeler/sculptor, aaand.... cyan.

Mahesh said...

Mahesh Pagar
Passionate 3D character animation student, IT Engineer, Blogger,I write about Animation story and review movies
I love White color

incredibly grateful for your contest. .thanks Ty.. :):)

Kyrstin said...

I'm an illustrator and animator, and my favorite color is blue.

Thanks for doing such a neat giveaway. :)

Angelica Russell said...

Angelica also known as Jelly!! I'm an animation student, my favorite color is turquoise!! :D

JLooney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JLooney said...

Jon Feinsilver-
Im a professional viz dev artist in the UK. SHow me the money!! haha Awesome idea Ty! First giveaway like this I've ever seen.

Ismael Alcázar Navarro said...

Ismael Alcazar
I'm a student of animation and a professional graphic designer from Spain.
My favourite color it's blue ;)

Kevin Scarborough said...

Kevin Scarborough
Dedicating my life to painting
Favorite color is Viridian! * what can I say...I'm an oil painting nerd

Michael Bidinger said...

Animation Student at Ringling!! Amazing work, Ty, Fingers crossed for a print! Oh, and I like Blue.

Darkwood said...

Sequential Art / Story artist. My favorite color is blue just like Michael's. On with the awesome, and thanks for doing something like this Ty, your work is really great.

sketches4livi said...

I posted on my twitter account @sketches4livi

sketches4livi said...

Occupation is a daughter and student. Favorite color is pink!

Stevie Tron said...

Stevietron here, I work at an arts and crafts/fabric store and my favorite colors are various blues and greens

Dalevl said...

It was cool to meet you at CTN, meeting great artist like you in person was great. Oh and here is the info you want.
Occupation : Character TD aka a rigger
Favorite Color: Any shade of Blue

Jane said...

Loved your panel at CTN; it was really informative and so relevant to my life right now!
Occupation: Student (hoping to go into storyboarding)
Favorite color: Pink!

Lianna said...

Hi! I'm Lianna. I'm a character animator and my favourite colour is Green!!!!

Chris Powell said...

Heyyyyy, Im Chris Powell. Im a computer animation student at Ringling College and my favorite color is indigo-blue!!!

Rajeshree Temkar ( Raji ) said...

Hi Ty, I am a student from Vancouver Film Schol, my fav col : Emerald Green...

Darkwood said...

Andrea Bell, story artist, blue. Blue all the way.

Robert (Pibby) Pierce said...

Aspiring concept artist/ vis dev! BLUE!!!

Isaí Calderón said...

Character Animator, brown!

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