Saturday, March 23, 2013

Design, Color and "Value" an Idea

Before going into this, I just wanted to say thanks again for your incredible support over the past few months. You guys rock! Ty Carter Art on Facebook is up to 1,200 fans! You guys have been so generous with my work and I can't tell you enough, thank you so much!

I've been asked this question a few times this past week: What is your process for doing these daily studies? I don't necessarily have a step by step process for each piece but there are things I'm thinking about. There is order and hierarchy to the painting. Everything is centered around an idea before I draw anything. This is why I say, "Value" an idea. You need to meditate on it and absorb yourself in it. You really can't go about making an effective image if you don't know what it's about.  It would be like having a Mormon make a cup of would take forever and nobody would want it. Why? Mormon's don't drink coffee! They make casseroles and jello! You can't create something you haven't experienced in some way. Choose ideas that you can relate to. Then use Design, Color and Value to get that feeling you want. Find that emotion you felt during your own life experiences and latch onto everything about it. If you can feel it, so will your audience. 

I tried my best to jot down what is going on in my head when I do a study (apart from my stomach telling me to go eat something). I didn't go into a lot of detail but you get the idea. Remember, this is just my thought process. I'm sure you could find many ways to approach it. Find what works best for you and then master that method. 

I hope this helps you on your own artistic journey. 


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"365 returned letters and still no word. She'd stand at the window for hours just imagining he returned."


Marcos B. Alvarado said...

I have been going through this process in my own work and your post really cleared things up. Your simple approach really helps. This was a great post! Thanks!

Steven Knudsen said...

This is great and very clear, thank you for posting this!
Do you have a list of design guidelines (maybe not in a literal sense), that you go through to improve your design--such as the rule of thirds, or straights versus curves--or do you just keep these things in the back of your mind as you work? If so, at what point do you stop and check your work?
I'm not sure if that question makes any sense, but I ask because I find my self getting so caught up in rendering, that I neglect basic rules of design, and end up with an image that doesn't effectively convey the story.
Thanks again, for posting this, your work is a huge inspiration to me and my classmates at SJSU.

Ty Carter said...

Marcos-That's great to hear Marcos! You are very welcome and thank you

Steven-Thanks Steven! That is a really good question. I'm going to put together some thoughts on that and post it here soon.

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JFlah said...

I always enjoy seeing how other people develop their ideas for artworks. Thanks for sharing yours so clearly.