Saturday, March 9, 2013

More color studies

Here are some more quick studies from our trip to Costa Rica and a few random ones. They each took around 40 minutes and a couple were under 20.  They were done with a laptop and PS4. The surf and tower pieces are on location; The others are made up.


Hannah Tuohy said...


CJ said...

Turned out amazing per usual, Ty!

Aaron Ludwig said...

Awesome stuff! Love the boat one.

Robert Pierce said...

excellent use of color! thanks for sharing.

James Lien said...

Hey Ty these are so awesome! Thanks for checking out my blog

Lee Tao said...

Very inspirational studies as always, your updates always help with motivation!

Nicholas Hong said...

love color! if you don't mind asking, how many different brush are you using?

Ty Carter said...

Thanks guys!

Nicholas-On these studies i usually use one or two brushes. It is either a generic 14 pixel ps bristle brush or a custom brush i made with a little grit on the edges. I use the sides, bottoms and the tops of each brush to get varied strokes as well. When I do a final piece, I will utilize more brushes if the painting demands it

Iftikhar Ahmed said...

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Rajiv said...

You simply rock Ty ! You are a talented artist. Best of luck...!

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