Friday, March 29, 2013

More Quick Sketches

Hey guys! Here's another bunch of sketches I've been posting each day on TyCarterArt Facebook and Tumblr. Some are good and some..ehh. They took between 40 and 90 minutes. The shade hunter was almost 2 hours. Thanks for your feedback lately! We all have days when we aren't feeling it; your notes and emails are especially motivating when I'm having one of those! Have a great Easter weekend!

I've been dreaming of a green Spring but it looks like we've got more snow on the way!

Dolphin Date Night, the only time your wife will enjoy fishing with you!

the Wild Wild West...without Will Smith

Jimmy Buchannon had hands like wind.

Shade Hunter
The deer lives...just in case you were wondering

Red Riding Runaway

His poker face was hard to read but his temper could be seen for miles!

Jurassic Park 4: The Lost Whaler...that ones free Colin Trevorrow


Nicholas Hong said...

beautiful color as always!

Hannah Tuohy said...

Beautiful work! Lovely compositions!

Anneliese Mak said...

Amazing and inspirational as always!

Ty Carter said...

Thanks guys!!

Mauricio Abril said...

Haha, LOVE the dolphin date night! Great sketches, Tyler!

superboske said...

Great style man, I like the colors, the light and everything

Vince Vassallo said...

Beautiful work as always Ty!

CJ said...

Your blog is such an inspiration and overall, you're just an amazing artist. I hope you never stop posting your works and tips here!

Vinicius Barros said...

You give me good ideas to study!
And nice studies!

Andrea Pucci said...


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