Monday, April 22, 2013

Quick Sketches from California!

I had an amazing opportunity to present at this years Illustrators of the Future! While I was there, I did these quick sketches from a laptop using PS4. They took between 10-60 minutes. 

The Prado, Balboa Park

The View from our hotel on Hollywood Boulevard

Just made this one up

Sunset in LA



Hannah Tuohy said...

So lovely! the pond side piece is beautiful!

Niamh said...

Thanks for the comment left a little while back. Just had a browse through your blog.I really like the colour studies and information on colour as I'm doing doing a project on layout at the moment so it's especially helpful. I'll definitely check back here.Great blog!

ARPITA said...

beautiful! the colors are amazing...

superboske said...

so much energy and life :) AMAZING!!

umre fiyatları said...

very nice collection. thanks for sharing

hi said...

Do you do these by hand?? so AMAZING!!

Jessica Renee said...


CJ said...

Amazing job as always, I was going to ask - how often do you use references when you do your studies? Is there ever such a thing as using a reference too much to the point that it handicaps you when choosing colors and schemes from one's imagination?

Aira said...


Mike Lee said...

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