Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sheriffs back in town


Tegan Clancy said...

The warmth is amazing!

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Tegan!! Hope things are going great down under

Tegan Clancy said...

It has been a great year even though we are in winter now! And Congrats on your work on Epic can not wait to see the art!

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Tegan! Hopefully they let us show the rest of it soon:) Glad you are doing well. Stay Warm!

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Laure Olivesi said...
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Laure Olivesi said...

Hi Ty! Thanks you so much for your visit and comment on my blog! :) You have fantastic art works here! Lights and colors are amazing!

jonh lee said...

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Samantha Weitzel said...

The lighting is so neat! I love how it divides the scene up and how it's like a dramatic interruption to their 'dark dealings' or a 'robbery'... The composition is really great too.

friv said...

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