Monday, October 28, 2013

I want your Questions! For CTNx 2013

Hey Guys! I need your help!

CTN is coming up quick and I've been preparing for my workshop on transitioning from school to studio , called "Become a Professional Student: Landing your dream job. In it, I'm going to be outlining tips, tricks, suggestions and habits for making the successful jump from your place of education to your dream job. I'll be talking internships, portfolio design, and lots of other key insights for getting into the door. There are so many awesome people who can shed light on this subject and I'm honored to share my humble perspective.
I want to get your feedback and questions so I can better cater it to you! Your thoughts are greatly appreciated and will be the basis of the workshop content. Even if you aren't attending, you can leave a comment below. I will be gathering feedback from here, tumblr, twitter, and facebook. You might see your name and question show up on workshop day! Thanks for your help and I can't wait to see you at CTN!

If you haven't signed up for the workshop, there are still a few spots left. Visit for more information. 


Jennifer Sese said...

I won't be able to attend CTN this year, but I do have a question that you may answer:

I'm an aspiring character designer, but I find it extremely difficult to find any jobs, internships or other opportunities that revolve around it.

I'm currently taking classes at the Concept Design Academy in hopes that I can develop more as an artist, as well as my portfolio. But sometimes I feel like I need to do more to get my foot in the door. What do I do?


Tegan Clancy said...

Hi Ty! How exciting that CTN is just around the corner.
A couple of questions:
1. Any advice if you didn't study art for animation at university, anything in particular to study up on besides basic art principles, probably what animation knowledge should you be across.
2. Any advice on how to put more story in to your portfolio? That's what we hear everyone wants.
Hope those questions help bounce ideas :)

tao of badass said...

Thank you for sharing this information.

Don Flores said...

Things that seem to help with getting work is the connections you make in school whether that be your fellow students, faculty, or whomever. Once you graduate or are getting close to graduating staying in touch with these people will help you figure out what's happening at these studios and give you a better idea on getting hired.

Oh, internships and trainee programs are HUGE!!!

Online courses like schoolism, cgma, motivarti also are a big big help since you'll be learning from industry artists.

Don't be afraid to work at smaller studios or commercial houses in order to help figure your way to the "Dream Studio" you've been always wanting to work for.

Andrea Rawson said...

Hey Ty! I have 2 questions in mind.

When it comes to portfolio reviews or interviews, would it be wise to bring a sketchbook as well as a portfolio of finished work?

What should you do if you want to apply to multiple positions in a company? Would you apply to all of them? Would that make you look desperate or versatile?

Kevin Scarborough said...
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Kevin Scarborough said...

Hey Ty! Thanks for taking questions! Can't wait to see your talk at CTNX!

My questions are:

1) Students wonder what working at a feature film studio is like. A lot of this wonder sometimes turns into self doubt about being able to fulfill the day to day obligations of the job. What have you learned so far in your career that you would have loved to tell yourself while you were still learning that might have eased some of these questions? (Both about the technical and collaborative nature of the job)
2) After working on Dreamgiver, what advice would you give to artists both in and out of school for achieving an independent project of their own? How might you suggest recruiting others to help out?
3) Can you explain the benefits you received from working on Dreamgiver that still help you out in the industry today?

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