Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Art of Epic Post 2

One of the biggest challenges designing on Epic was creating some organization to the forest. To get the visual look and feel right, while staging for the characters, it was a constant battle to balance the immense New England forest populated by thousands of plant, rock and tree assets.  In a way, it felt like gardening...but I was using a stylus instead of a shovel. Everything needed to be cultivated but not to the point it felt unnatural.

Sometimes I'd take a walk around Blue Sky's campus and walk out into the nearby trees to observe. I'd bring a miniature army man to pose in the plants; This gave me a really good idea of scale. One time, a group of women joggers passed by me while I was laying on the ground taking a picture of my army guy. One woman gasped to her friend, "there's a creep laying in those bushes." Another said, "should I call the cops?" I figured it was too late to explain so I just continued posing the action figure and taking pictures on my phone. I never saw those joggers again and the cops never showed.

Here are some of my set dressing sketches to develop the look of the forest near the final sequences of the Epic.


Tegan Clancy said...

These are beautiful values. Theres an organic yet organised feeling, I can tell theres a lot of thought placed behind every element.

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Tegan!!

Darnell said...

Awesome pieces!Love to see the hand in artist works. Is set dressing the same as location design?

Andrea Pucci said...

Epic BKG! As usual...

Ty Carter said...

Hey Darnell, here at Blue Sky we usually do location design in our concepting phase which comes a little bit before this. Set dressing is done at a later time when we have more shot specific challenges to solve. These sketches were done with specific shots in mind.

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Andrea!

Darnell said...

Hey Ty!! Thanks for the response!!
Sorry for the really late response. the Notice goes to my gmail. That I don't really check.

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