Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Art of Epic Post 3

Some of my first assignments on Epic were creating color designs for Bomba's gear. This was a blast! Bomba's whole life is dedicated to finding this civilization of "little people" so he built all these tools and gadgets to monitor his backyard, the surrounding forest, in hopes of finally spotting them. These are some of his inventions and tools. Mike Knapp wanted me to make these feel like they'd been handmade and used. Because they are a whole bunch of things slapped together, I made some pieces clean and others worn. I hope you enjoy! More art of epic to come. Original Bomba Gear concept designs were started by my friend Jake Parker before leaving Blue Sky. 


JFlah said...

Did you guys actually build one of those? I mean, it would be funny to know what you gathered in there - old cheerios or whatever.

Ty Carter said...

Hey JFlah!
We didn't build the Jinn Sucker but a similar head gear piece was put together. I think you can actually see it in the behind the scenes of Epic. We went on a field trip to look at the forest up close. Chris Wedge was wearing it the whole time. It was pretty dang awesome.