Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Art of Epic Post 5

Color concept for the entry way of Bomba's house

Color concept for the hallway leading to MK's room

Open window color concept for Bomba's Surveillance Room

Closed window color concept for Bomba's Surveillance Room

Here are a few color concepts I did on Epic from a few years ago. One of my jobs on the film was to create a style guide and color concept for these different locations. It was a real challenge because the colors needed to feel harmonious but chaotic at the same time. Bomba's workstations were complete disaster areas! In a painting like the library or the surveillance room, I had to really choose what information was important for the viewer to notice and what could sit back in space. I think most of design is making this decision!
I worked closely with the insanely talented Sandeep Menon, who came up with the original concept designs for these locations. Jason Sadler was also involved in the design of the many surveillance gadgets/electronics. There are a ton!

Once again thanks for all your great feedback! I really appreciate the responses. Hope you enjoy!


Vince Vassallo said...

These are fantastic Ty! Great mood throughout. Cheers!

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Vince!!

Tegan Clancy said...

The subtle colour choices in these pieces are beautiful, amazing work Ty

Nasan Hardcastle said...

That surveillance room is insane! How long did they give you to finish that one?

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Tegan!

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Nasan! Believe it or not, I had less than 4 days to do the open blinds version. I was under the gun and they needed it fast!

segun samson said...

awesome your works inspire me sir

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Segun!

Ethan Dean said...

These are awesome Ty! Did you paint that rug texture?

Ty Carter said...

Thanks Ethan! The rug texture is painted but its a lot simpler than you'd think. It's basically a flat pattern, duplicated 4 times and then transformed using the perspective tool and flattened to match my painting pov.

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Indunil Priyanke Ranawake said...

4 days?? ... insane stuff TY .. I just LOVE your lighting :)

Anikah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ty Carter said...

Thanks Indunil!!

Nasan Hardcastle said...

I also wanted to ask how much of the surveillance room existed before you painted it. Did you do it all from scratch, or did you have a 3D mockup to work over?

Ty Carter said...

Hey Nasan, great question! Here at Blue Sky we do design first, then previs and then color. this was a color concept for the surveillance room. in this case, there were concept designs done before it came to my hands by Jason Sadler, Jake Parker and Sandeep Menon. From these sketches, a previs artist mocked up a rough model of the room. Then I took a screen grab to get an accurate representation of the proportions and general layout. From there, I paint over it and tighten down ideas, design, and most important color.

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