Thursday, February 27, 2014

Art of Epic Post 6

Forest style guide, neutral light setting 

Story Dust Scroll Concept 

Various color callouts and designs. These went through many hands in different stages before I painted them: Sang Jun Lee, Mike Knapp, Sandeep Menon, Jake Panian, Clayton Stillwell

 Various graphics (tree sketch by Jon Townley)

1 millionth of the sticky notes I wrote for Bomba's workroom!

MK bedroom wall paint


JFlah said...

Love the sticky notes and the weapon color design page - everything's so nice. Thanks for sharing. said...

How do I sign for your web blog? I had prefer to stick to your updates as they arrive along! I'd a query to interrogate but I forgot what it absolutely was... anyways, thank you very much:)

Ty Carter said...

Thanks JFlah!

friv 7 said...

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